Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ignition cylinder jammed? No problem!

So, the day I bought the car I actually had to hot wire it because for some reason the key didn't turn in the ignition cylinder... Which means I jammed the ignition in the "ON" position with a screwdriver and a hammer and proceeded to short the starter wires... That's fine for a few time to start the car but it gets old quick. I looked up new ignition cylinder for this car and they are worth $70... WHAT??? SEVENTY FLIPPIN' DOLLARS??!!!?? O_o I say it's time to whip out some good ole' McGuyverin love.

Wiring diagram... check
10 gauge wire... check
Toggle switches... check
Molex connectors, shrink tubing, soldering irons, funny-piece-of-plastic-that-came-out-of-the-center-console, Dremel, hot glue, voltmeter, etc... check, check, check, check aaAAaand check.

Drill holes, adjust toggle switch, strip wires, solder, blah blah blah...

Tadaaa! It's only missing a cable to connect from the dash to the center console!

McGuyver himself would be proud.

More pictures here:
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More pix!

Maybe 4 pix wasn't enough, so here is more:

What a classy instrument cluster! Very uhm... retro?

Oh my oh my... It's got a Z engine...

Japan's engineering at it's finest.

My engineering at it's... uhmm... nevermind.

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Finally some pix!

Here it is our mighty machine.... a 1981 Datsun 200SX!

Truly a diamond in the rough.

As you can see it's the sporty hatch back!

It's got 4 wheel disk brakes, rear wheel drive, mechanical fuel injection, twin sparks plugs, 5 speed manual, made in Japan...

In short, it's a speed demon.

Notice the electric window AND electric mirrors THAT STILL WORKS!

Oh yes...

The mighty Nissan Z 2.0L i4 developping a whopping 100HP... (more like 53 right now... ahem...)
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Updates on the car, pics later!

Okay, so here's an update:
  • The car is driving fine aside a few things I noticed.
  • I bought all the necessary paraphernalia for a full lube and oil, oil/air filter.
  • I bought the Haynes manual for it I'm expecting it to arrive very soon if not today.
What is wrong/needs to be done ASAP with the car:
  • Clutch sometimes does not disengage fully. Have to press clutch twice.
  • Maybe need repair to master/slave cylinder. (~$100)
  • Needs full lube, oil, transmission, brake fuid, coolant, etc... (~$100)
  • Needs new brakes, maybe new rotors. (outside race $500 limit) (estimate between ($100-$200)
  • Needs new shocks. (outside race $500 limit) (estimate ~$100)
  • Needs new tires. (outside race $500 limit) (estimate ~$150)
  • Needs a battery. (~$60)
These estimates are conservative and we can maybe get better deals if we go to a junk yard or buy these used or online.


We need a place to WORK on the car, put it on jack stand etc... So if anyone is willing to volunteer space let me know.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First post!

This is the first post for what is to become the new 24 hours LeMon race team blog!