Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ignition cylinder jammed? No problem!

So, the day I bought the car I actually had to hot wire it because for some reason the key didn't turn in the ignition cylinder... Which means I jammed the ignition in the "ON" position with a screwdriver and a hammer and proceeded to short the starter wires... That's fine for a few time to start the car but it gets old quick. I looked up new ignition cylinder for this car and they are worth $70... WHAT??? SEVENTY FLIPPIN' DOLLARS??!!!?? O_o I say it's time to whip out some good ole' McGuyverin love.

Wiring diagram... check
10 gauge wire... check
Toggle switches... check
Molex connectors, shrink tubing, soldering irons, funny-piece-of-plastic-that-came-out-of-the-center-console, Dremel, hot glue, voltmeter, etc... check, check, check, check aaAAaand check.

Drill holes, adjust toggle switch, strip wires, solder, blah blah blah...

Tadaaa! It's only missing a cable to connect from the dash to the center console!

McGuyver himself would be proud.

More pictures here:
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Hybridchemistry said...

I came.

I'm pretty busy this week, so we have to find a time to work on it. IRC?

Terry said...

You need this as your start button. ;)